• Diamond jewelry, the choice of color is dull gray tracing paper as a background, highlighting the diamond and gold shiny, dark background with shiny diamonds contrast, and change the background texture that enriches the picture added the layering.
    Rough diamonds to shoot, the photographer is generally used as a background instead of black velvet with black tracing paper, which is intended to reflect the quality of the diamond material can make the best quality diamond Wholesale Yves Saint Laurent jewelry. The reason is that the black velvet can better absorb emptied line, deepen the background is the background dark, transparent diamond will appear in front of the camera entirely, on the pattern of diamonds is also clearly visible, sharp edges and corners entire diamonds, crystal clear.
    Shooting jade jewelry, photographers can use the green leaves as a background, the light green jade ornaments placed on the crock with a pattern, dark green leaves silhouetted against a pale green jade, rough textured crock highlighting the emerald smooth and mellow.
    The pearl of the photo, you can use the local red seats constitute the background of the entire screen, a substrate with a stripe of red cloth, rough wooden handrail, bring out the white pearl, picture grand and elegant, this is the color of the impact Effect. Pearl jeweled embodied glance.
    Thus the shooting,Cheap Saint Laurent jewelry advertising, the background reflects the choice of jewelry plays a very important role in connotation. Plants and trees can reflect the luxury and extraordinary jewelry.

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    Be able to demonstrate a black velvet diamond carved wooden texture can reflect the luxury pearls, rough granite texture can show the sleek silver jewelry and texture, and the color of the background represents the varied gems. Shooting jewelry advertising by comparing the effect of working with anti generated texture can make jewelry to achieve the best results in the picture.
    A simple plain and a simple prop will be able to combine into the most dazzling and gorgeous Fake YSL jewelry wonderful advertising images.

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  • In jewelry photography composition of design, the most important thing is the composition of a balanced beauty in everyday life, and everyone may have had the following experience: a chair tilted gives unstable feeling worried sit down wrestling.
    Therefore, a balanced picture of YSL jewelry replica advertising works is very important in the composition. Symmetry and balance in the use of the screen. Symmetry is a symbol of the extent of the height of neat. Such as butterfly, its wings shape and symmetry of the pattern has been for people to enjoy.
    In jewelry photography symmetric picture is also frequently seen. But the symmetrical composition is not the pursuit of so-called symmetric half and half, but a deliberate attempt to balance the visual screen.
    Because the composition of photography, the absolute symmetry give people a rest, feeling stiff and monotonous life in the aesthetic requirements of the people are still in pursuit of balanced as much. Excessive use of symmetry will make people feel dull and lack of energy.

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    Therefore, the composition of  Fake YSL jewelry, how to pay attention to a balanced effect, it is necessary to compare the composition of the image, that jewelry and background, jewelry and props, backgrounds and props, lightness and darkness, dynamic and static, virtual and real, etc. contrast.
    Primary and secondary are relationships composition. Jewelry advertising photography in the main body jewelry, so the design should pay attention to the relationship between the main screen and accompany the body, that is, the relationship between jewelry and background, jewelry and props.
    If only the subject of a photograph without a foil, the screen will appear dull without change, but not overwhelming accompany the body; jewelry on the screen must be significantly prominent, you can change the position and angle to shoot if necessary, or unnecessary things moving in order to achieve simple picture, highlight the subject. It should be noted that, in photographs, jewelry should be avoided.
    Overwhelmed by clutter background, props jewelry was crowded aside. Gemstone necklace wrapped around the stems of yellow gerbera, meanders on to also colored petals change color levels, with the main body of the perfect fusion of background, the picture vivid and beautiful, giving the left a deep impression.

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