• surface. Including: surface features, faceted edges, the waist feature and tear multicolor and so on. Surface scratches the surface features described more low hardness gems fake van cleef alhambra earrings , faceted gemstones very brittle edge abrasion description, faceted edge ghosting obvious explanation larger gem refractive index, waist obvious gem parallel lines may have split, waist break conchoidal Description no cleavage or not developed, stepped break explain gem cleavage is developed and so on. Each gemstone has its specific features, what we need is to find some evidence of detailed features.

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    internal. Phase inclusions, ribbons, cleavage and the like. Some gems will feature internal enclaves such as olive “lily pads” inclusions, emeralds two-phase, three-phase inclusions, horsetail-like inclusions like, synthetic emerald water corrugated package body and aids “veil “enclaves, ribbon ruby sapphire, ruby rutile needle fake van cleef alhambra necklace inclusions, synthetic ruby arc growth pattern, Topaz parallel planar cleavage enclaves like.

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